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Cookies policy

This Policy applies to "cookies" and refers to the website whose operator is the company LOGI-PACK MALPAK Sp. z o.o.

This site uses cookies.

You use the website in accordance with the settings of your browser or device for browsing websites - content available on the Internet. If your settings allow cookies, they are saved.

What are cookies?

Cookies are IT data, these are text files that are stored in the Website User's end device, in other words on your device - a computer, telephone or other device with a web browser or other similar software.

Cookies allow identification of the computer from which the user entered the website. We use cookies that are necessary to allow you to navigate the site, or to provide some basic functions. We use cookies to increase the functionality of the website by storing e.g. preferences. This gives us the opportunity to improve the performance and functionality of our website to ensure that your website works better.

There are two types of cookies:
✓Cookies related to the so-called session - cookies are kept only while the browser is running. When it is closed, such "cookies" are deleted. Session cookies are for simple technical matters such as logging in and better navigation.
✓Cookies persistent - these types of cookies are stored on the user's hard drive (the browser saves them).

Listed cookies activities on our site:
✓Improved navigation on the site, thanks to cookies in some cases we can check the user's preferences, which means that scripts can give the user his preferences. Thanks to this we increase the website's efficiency.
✓Thanks to cookies we can check if you are a new or returning user, and thus we can customize the page so as not to show you the same information several times, and also show you special information only for returning users.
✓Cookies allows us to use statistics and analysis through which we learn about the preferences and origin of users. Which also allows us to properly develop our website in the right direction, because thanks to it we know what is most popular on our website.
✓If there is a shopping cart on the site (it is possible to make purchases) it uses cookies.
✓If the site has a login option (access only for subscribers, logged in users) it uses cookies.
✓Cookies can be used to ensure security, they are used to detect fraud within the website.
✓If the site has the ability to vote / rate it may use cookies.
✓If the site has the option of using command tracking - an affiliate program, it uses cookies. Thanks to this function, we have the ability to track commands - we have the ability to check who recommended our site to another user, thanks to which we increase the functionality of our website.
✓ Flash elements (Adobe Flash Player) - there may be flash elements on the subpages. They can also use cookie technology to save different settings. On the software provider's website - you'll find security details: http://www.adobe.com/security/flashplayer/.

Cookie from related websites:

We use external services on the subpages there may be such elements that use cookies as:
✓Links (hyperlinks) to other websites, each of these pages has its own cookie policy, if you use (click the link) you should read the cookie policy of the website you are on.
✓Google tools: Google Analytics statistics, google ads, google map, google plus tool, videos from youtube and other - for a detailed description of the cookie policy of google-related services, please see: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy /.
✓FaceBook tools - you can find on our website the fan frame tool, the like button and other tools provided by FaceBook - they can use cookies - you can find the description here: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/cookies .
✓The site may also have other 'embedded' buttons and advertising materials, applications that enable website users to like, link and take other actions via social and related websites. We do not control these websites, each of them has its own cookie settings, each of these websites has its own cookie policy. By setting your browser accordingly, you can decide whether you want to give these companies the opportunity.

How to disable cookies?

By browsing this page you are using a device or browser (software on a computer) that allows such cookies to be saved. In many cases, the save option